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DarkBattlers' Application Process Empty DarkBattlers' Application Process

Post by Revolution on Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:06 pm

DB Applications are currently: OPEN

This is a guide to how DB's application form works:

Red Light - This means there is a problem and has been stopped. Please contact an admin to continue your application.

Yellow Light - Your application is being processed. You must remain active for 8/14 days for at least an hour a day, both in-game and on mumble. If you are inactive right from the start, your application will be Rejected. If you make it through, a vote will be taken among our current members. If you get 60% or higher you pass and become a Recruit.

Green Light  - You are almost there. You are now in the recruitment phase of the application. You will be required to wear the recruitment tag (eg: |DB|Revolution{R} ) for two more weeks. Once this two weeks is up, you will be put through a second poll to determine whether or not you will become a full |DB| member. It's highly advised to stay active, because people will vote against you because they don't see you often enough. If you receive 70% or higher on this poll, you'll become a full member.

It may be long and tedious, but it allows the clan to have top quality respected players.
Thank you for your time.


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