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Post by Admin on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:01 am

How to make a ban request:

Before posting you need this information (The more information you have, the easier it it to catch them)
1. What was the player's name (When the problem occurred)
2. What was the player's ID (eg: typing "!id Revolution" will give you Revolution's ID)
3. What was the player doing? (Cheating, Racism, Harassment, etc)
4. Provide proof of the incident.
For cheaters you must attach a demo. Anything else will not do.
For In-game chat or Team Killing you can provide a demo, but if it's not availible a Console-dump is enough. (Saying "/condump filename.txt" will provide a condump)

Demos and other evidence can be attached to your post, up to 10MB per post.
We highly recommend using your own file share due to the website not having one yet.

Thank you for your help,
The |DB| Leaders


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