Tako TK-er, ban-evading

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Tako TK-er, ban-evading Empty Tako TK-er, ban-evading

Post by (Near) on Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:05 am

Tako, with serveral IDs (see below)
|DB| SR8-Only [MOD]
He continuously TK-ed and was kicked automatically. I gave him a 3-day tempban, he evaded to come back and continued to TK. Request a permban for all the IDs associated with his IP.

(DEAD) (Near): !l tako
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] [@30323] Tako [10:27AM CST 10/31/13]
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] [@30290] Tako [10:26AM CST 10/31/13]
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] [@28275] Tako [06:03AM CST 10/06/13]
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] [@26387] Tako [10:36AM CST 08/23/13]
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] [@26350] Tako [02:21PM CST 08/22/13]
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] 10:28AM CST 10/31/13 @30324 Kizeo
(DEAD) (Near): !pastbans @30290
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] Tako past bans:
console_tell: (|DB|): [pm] (Near) for stop team killing! until 09:56AM CST

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Tako TK-er, ban-evading Empty Re: Tako TK-er, ban-evading

Post by Revolution on Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:12 am

He's been put on a temp ban for 10 days. If he returns before that period is exceeded, he will be perm banned. And possibly IP banned also.


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