Milo (@31362) walling and low-FOV aimbotting

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Milo (@31362) walling and low-FOV aimbotting

Post by (Near) on Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:52 pm

Milo (@31362)
|DB| SR8 Only [MOD]
Walling and low-FOV aimbotting. The tracing was obvious in Arena 2. His sensitivity and speed were inconsistent even with the same level of scope, crosshair snapped for a short period of time and closely tracked opponent. All are signs of a well-tuned low-FOV aimbot.
Link to demo: download/amd7wlicgk2sodq/2013-12-12_13-33-53_UTC7_-_MILO_-_ARENA2.dm_68



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